Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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I, Monique, The Book Mystress had a loss that i am struggling to comprehend. 
My Cat, Joel-Branden who i have mentioned before and who helped my in my review of Sixteenth Summer and was mentioned in the post 5 things i love that are not books has lost his life.
He was attacked by dogs last tuesday.
Joel was my best friend and the man i confided in most, i know to most he just a cat.
Not many people know this but i was told a few years back i may never be able to have kids, i was told that as a 18 year old who didnt really want kids and it didnt matter because i had my Joel, now 23 and having lost him only a week i feel so empty in side and wish he was here, i have my girl Ella also in the 5 things post, but have had her off and one over the last year and up until xmas she wasnt not actually my dog, i love her and would die before her, but she just hasnt molded with me the same way Joel does. 
About a month ago, a man came in to our house to buy some furniture he looked at me then looked at Joel then looked back at me, and said "That cat is a part of you" he hadnt even been here five mintues..
I cant understand why he had to go, he has helped me though so much, his bowl is still waiting for him on the washing machine.
I heard the attack happen and my brother saw it, i cant get the noises My brother and my cat made.
He was seven years old, and he was suposed to be put to sleep when he was 19, 
i cant stop crying..
I wont for a while. 
I am not one for pity or anything like that, but i love my blog and my followers and wanted every one to know why i have been absent the last week and why my posts may not be as regular, i mean, hell they may be, my mum told me to dive in to my hobbys to take my mind off it, but to be honest i dont want to move on from him.
he was my life for 7 years.
so bare with me guys, i love you thank you for following me,
I added a few pictures of him be thankful i didnt add the whole 800+ i have of him, love my baby alot, 
R.I.P my little angel, mummy always told you i loves you, too much, but never enough. Cant wait to see you one day, love you and miss you


Excuse my acne 

my man in the tree!!

pouncing on his mommy

love my baby

come on mommy theres catfood in the kitchen

ninja boy

lots of love for his mommy

first picture of him ever

The Book Mystress


  1. I am so sorry for your loss!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much a cat or furbaby can mean to someone. I can't imagine the feeling, but know it would be devestating when the time comes for my two kitteh babies. *hugs*

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. There really is no such thing as "just a cat." Cats are a part of your soul, they are what keep a person going. I lost my Billy back in December all the sudden due to kidney failure from a bladder infection. He was like my child. I had a complete meltdown and could not function for all of that month. I still cry thinking about him every day.

    If you need someone to talk to about Joel, feel free to email me and we can swap cat stories. Joel looked like a very sweet cat.


  4. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. There is not such thing as "just a cat." We share our lives with our animals in a way we never can with humans. Please know that it does get better, but it takes time, and you need to be as gentle with yourself as possible right now.


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