Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who are you, and how do you Armchair? (BEA)

 So BEA starts this week i cant go to New York, I'm in Australia but i did find a funky little group of people to mingle with this week.

and to day asks
Who are you, and how do you Armchair?

Alright so i moved back in to my mums a little over a month ago because it didnt work out living with my brother, i do not have my reading corner set up as my stuff is mostly still at my brothers. i have how ever brought a new chair and over 30 books for this reading corner and can not wait to set it up this week.
so my chair is nice and cute but is out side at the moment and it is dark and cold here down under i will do a special post with it tomorrow, promise.
So up until later this week when my reading corner is set up i have been doing all my reading, writing and tweeting in the living room, which has music, internet, television, chores, yeah all that annoying stuff, cant wait to get it done,
so i pretty much armchair with a bottle of water and my dog, (rip to my kitty who was my favorite reading buddy. ) some times i might have a snack or my ipod but water and doggy is the norm.
here is the little question air the ABEA people did. and my answers.

Monique@The Book Mystress
Website: thebookmystress.blogspot.com
Twitter: @thebookmystress

Tell us about yourself in 140 characters or less.
Love books, love pets love family, trashy tv, love me hate me, what evs

If you could put one book in the hands of everyone you come in contact with, what would it be and why?
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, i think it is a novel written about a problem every one should be aware of

If you could have lunch with any author, living or not, who would it be and where/what would you eat?
Laurie Halse Anderson, i'd be hella nervous, there are a lot of Authors out there that are unpublished that i would love to hang with Julie Lindsey, Sarah Billington, Gah so many.

How do you arm chair?


  1. I haven't read Speak, although everyone does rave about it.

  2. I read Speak years ago and loved it. I should re-visit it sometime soon... I saw the Kristen Stewart Lifetime movie of the book on TV earlier this year. But of course, the book is always better than the movie!
    Keep on reading! Kristyn, www.romanticlovebooks.com

  3. Books, bottle of water, and a dog -- does it get much better than that? ;) My fat cats and me take over the couch, much to my wife's deep sadness, and if left to my own devices, my piles of books would follow too!

    Thanks for your intro -- looking forward to the rest of your Armchair BEA posts!

  4. Aw, how lovely to be on your list of authors you'd love to hang with. Stupid big-ass country. :)

    I haven't read Speak but I HAVE read Wintergirls. What an incredibly brave and powerful author, hey.

  5. So sorry about your kitty! :o(

    And love love love Speak! One of the best books ever written.

    On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers thanks so much for participating! We really are so happy to have you!


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