Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (6) Recomended Books.

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

I dont really get that many book recommendations because i am not that much of a social butterfly and spend most of my time at home with people who dont read

  1. Twilight - Stephanie Meyer: technically I told my friend that people said they where good she brought them read them and told me they where good then recomended them back to me, i loved them but now i head palm myself every time i think that i sat through that. 
  2. If I Stay: Recommended by Awesome book bloggers, 
  3. Black Dagger Brotherhood - JR Ward: I love this series (well all of it but book four) Its not YA but i love it all the same and has to be my favorite adult series. 
  4. Diary of a young girl - Anne Frank: Awesome!!!
  5. Clarity - Kim Harrington: Recommended by Twitter and awesome book bloggers.
  6. Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead: Recommended by some one i went through high school with.
  7. The Passage - Justin Cronin: I havent read this yet but i love the look of it on my shelf 
  8. The Blood Countess: - Tara Moss: Awesome Author, i was more recommended Tara Moss then The Blood countess, but yay
  9. Finding Rose - Stephanie Humphries: Awesome Book Bloggers.
  10. Matched - Ally Condie: i wasn't nesiraly recommended this, but i recieve it in the mail as a gift from The Well Read Wife, so i took it as a recommendation Thank you Well Read Wife.
If you do have a book that you think i should read or review please dont hesitate to let me know, 


  1. I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood too! They are on my list as well.

  2. I'm giving away a copy of Divergent on my blog this month. Maybe you'd like it!

    Here's my gratitude list: Top Ten Books I'm Happy Were Recommended to Me. I hope you will stop by!

  3. stopping by to read your Top ten. happy reading

  4. Monique: Thanks for leaving a comment on my Top Ten. LOL, about your mention of the greenness of my blog! I love green! About Bonds that Make Us Free. Warner was a philosophy professor, and the book is his premier work about a human behavior he calls self-deception, a way of being. It explains why we treat people the way we do and makes a lot of sense. He founded a group called Arbinger (www.arbinger.com). Other books that came out of his studies on behavior are Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace. This knowledge of our way of being revolutionized my life and my relationships.

  5. I might have changed my list after you stopped by, i thought of others after i took a look at my shelf. however, The Great Controversy is outstanding. I love so many. take a look at my deep in your soul list on my blog for those that i've enjoyed. thanks for stopping by!

  6. Twilight has been recommended to me, but the hype is such that I can't bring myself to go near it just yet. ;)

  7. I keep seeing "If I Stay" on lists. I am adding it to my "to read list." I am glad I read the first Twilight book, but only so I have an educated reason to slam it. Yes, it is a page turner. I have so many issues with it and the series though. Don't get me started! LOL

  8. Great List! I will definitely check out some of your choices.
    Erika @ Let's talk about books

  9. Clarity and Matched were so good! I also agree that Twilight was a fun read, and it's really annoying that people think it's "cool" to hate them now just because they're so popular. Honestly. *rolls eyes*


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