Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strange Chemistry Asks:

Hey Guys you may or may not have heard about the upcoming YA Imprint from Angry Robot called Strange Chemistry.
Angry robots is an award winning indie fiction company so you just know anything Strange Chemistry have got going is going to be great!
They have already signed two authors,
Kim Curran(website) who is the author of Shift and
Sean Cummings (website) who will be releasing Poltergeeks and let-me-tell-you these novels sound amazing i cant wait to get my hands on to them.
 i am hoping to make this a regular thing every now and then some bloggers get emails from the amazing Amanda who i feel is the master mind (editor) behind Strange Chemistry asking as quirky little questions. 
Strange Chemistry Asks:
Who do you think is the strongest female protagonist in YA fiction and why?

The Book Mystress: 
Alright so i can get pretty annoyed with most protags, and usually like the books for one of the other characters.
Today I choose to bring to your attention Claire Danvers from The Morganville Vampires series. (keeping in mind i am only on book four.) Claire is an ultra nerd, a 16 year old who has the brains of i dont know Einstein? like the chicks smarts are just out of this world. Like i said she is 16 and is taking classes that people  would only dream of taking in collage, yes i said collage.
Claire's perants sent their sixteen year old to this super messed up town where in her first week she got pushed down a bunch of stairs and was super hurt so she moves out of the dorm in to this house with these strangerss who are all 18ish and come with a mountain of trouble with them, who would send their 16 year old away to such a place when i was my mother would never make me move to a far away town to go to collage and live with- ok well i did move to a far away town when i was 16 but my mum didnt make me, i left. and it wasnt for collage, infact, i had left school by now, - anyway back to the question.
I think you get alot of smart protags, you know so that isnt anything different but i find the smart protags are usually so smart they are stupid, but no, not Claire, she has common sense with her smarts and i think that makes her a super strong character, there are lot of other elements that lift her up as well like the other Characters  Shane, Michael and Eve. but i will save talk about them for my upcoming reviews. 
so there is my answer,
what do you guys think?
Who is the strongest YA Protag in your eyes?

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