Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Australia might have its shady past, the invasion of the english sucked pretty bad, but i love this country to bits and i want to wish it a happy birthday, i am going to to do this in pictures, which i know is rare for a literary blog, but hey, this is THE best country in the world, i am aloud to break the rules, haha, 

australian cultures - australia photo
Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia - australia wallpaperKoala - australia wallpaperFlinders Ranges South AustraliakangarooAn Elevated View of a Platypus Featuring its BillEastern Grey Kangaroo, with Young, Australia

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  1. Love the pictures especially the fairy penguins (i really wish i had been able to see them when i was visiting, but we dind't get the chance to go watch them).

    Love the new look of your blog - the colours are wonderful!


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