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Review: Song Of The Vampire Carole Gill

Song of the VampireTitle: Song of the Vampire
Author: Carole Gill
Genre: Not sure
Fornat: Ebook
Source: Free-for-kindle
Release Date: January 25 2011
Publisher: Self Published by Author
Series: No

The first two stories are flash fiction which is 1,000 word count or under.
Memoir: If you think you know Jonathan Harker, think again.
It is very short fiction (flash).

The Song: is a very dark fairytale. It too is flash (short) fiction. The theme is darkest horror! If dark horror isn't your thing, be warned!

the third, Truth Hurts appeared in The Masters of Horror Anthology, published by Triskaideka Books
It is actually a spoof of a Twilight-like author who writes wimpy vampire novels and gets her comeuppance

My Review:

I dont even know which blog to put this review on, is it the book YA is it Adult is it neither?

I didnt like it it was to confusing, and i really do not understand the point that was trying to get put across.

Usually with books there are a few different underlying messages that can be taken in many ways but i just saw this as words on paper.

In away books like these is why i dont like self publishers. There were typos and simple things that a simple re-write or even a re-read could have taken care of, I guess it was free-on-kindle, so i should be thankful i didnt wast me money. Anyway i am just one person with one opinion that is only my own, what did you guys think.

Ps Carole if you read this review i am sorry if i hurt your feelings i hope you are proud of what you wrote, because if you are it shouldnt matter what one reviewer says.Posted By: Monique
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  1. I don't mind at all.
    They are not for YA! i'll have to make that clear.
    also, this ebook hasn't been free for quite a while and it's selling a bit.
    I thank you for your review and for being honest.
    No problem. We can't possibly all like the same things.
    Thanks again.

  2. The genre is horror as they are all vampire tales.
    thanks again!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Carole thank you for stopping be to see what i had to say about your book. I understand that this was not for YA but i could not tell that from the shear fact that they where vampire tales. there are a lot of different genres that include Vampire fiction, horror is just one of the many. I am glad your book is no longer free and it is selling well for you. It was free at the time and i did not know it was being sold now, sorry for my lack of research, once again please do not let one reviewer stop you in your quests.

  5. Monique you are lovely!
    I just go on, really what with deadlines, promotion and writing and more writing!
    What other genres write about Vampires? that stumped me?
    Anyway, thanks again for your input, reviews should always be honest and forthright. There's nothing worse than those that are not!


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