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For the love of Scott By Jo Hamilton

For the Love of Scott!For the love of Scott By Jo Hamilton
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Synopsis From Goodreads:
Her mother cried out, "For the love of Scott! How could this have happened?” Due to her education in the health care field, Jo Hamilton became the liaison between her family and the world-renowned hospital treating her younger brother. She taught her family how to read Scott’s medical chart and to ask pointed questions, no longer leaving his care to the medical professionals who had overdosed him with drugs to the very brink of death in less than three days.“Jo, you have to tell people what they’ve done to me. You have to tell them!” pleaded her little brother, as he lay writhing in agony.In For the Love of Scott!, the author recollects her family’s poignant story of love, bewilderment, and lingering frustration when faced with catastrophic medical mistakes. Read the experiences of Scott Hamilton’s family members as they struggle through a storm of horrific medical errors that could have been prevented and recognize what you need to do when someone you love is faced with life-threatening circumstances created by health experts.It took Jo 27 years to put this heartbreaking event down on paper. Writing opened old wounds and required hours of research and documentation. It forced her family to relive a chapter in their own lives that they desperately wanted closed. Yet, they rallied together to help Jo with her mission to keep that promise.To help further her goals, Jo Hamilton will be donating aportion of the proceeds from the sale of her book, to the 1984 Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Scott Hamilton's foundation,The Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative. The Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative was created to help with cancer research, support cancer patients and their families, and find a cure cancer.

My Review,
I have been sitting her for a while trying to think of the words to describe this novel.
As many of my fellow readers are bloggers or are smiliar minded to me, i think they might get the importance to this book.
Some times the reason read books is to escape in to an alternate reality where the story makes us feel good and rested.
other times the reason we read is because we want to learn about something that matters, something that makes a real impact on our lives, For The Love Of Scott did that to me, this-book-matters. If this book was fiction it would still Matter, the fact that the issue in this book happens so many times over and over again is pretty sad, i have known times where this could have been me, if my mum wasnt there to ask questions, there are not enough words to describe the honor i feel for having read this books.
I Admire Jo's strength to relive this, to fufil her bothers dying wish.
I have Many brothers and am fighting with atleast one of them at times, but, they are my family, all of them and i would never wish this on any one, not even my greatest of allies.
Readers, if you listen to one thing The Book Mystress says, BUY AND READ THIS BOOK, then lend it to people, I have already packed my kindle up so my mum can read this, its ah-ma-zing,
Thank you Jo for sharing this story, Thank you for letting me read it, thank you!!!

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