Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update - New Reviewer- option for guest posting.

Hey Guys,

So again i owe you an apology, I have been absent again. As you know The Book Mystress, has been going through some personal struggles of late, that is pretty much why i haven't been here, but i have worked to hard to give up on this blog, so i am making a couple of changes, to keep content fresh and flowing.

First off, i am throwing open the email address to any one who wants to guest post, if you have a topic you would like to get some more awareness of, a book you want reviewed, would you like to be interviewed, would you like to interview me? Just email me at and we will work something out.

Layout, i am just about to set to work on a new lay out, yay, this one is getting pretty lame.

New Reviewer.
The Book Mystress has been a one man show since it started, but as stated life is a lil hard right now i so i asked a friend of mine to help me out. She is an avid reader and is so kind to be able to do this.
So seams as you dont know much about me Or Jesyka we will both be doing a get to know you post after this one.

Thanks guys i really do appreciate my readers and am doing everything i can to keep you entertained

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