Monday, June 6, 2011

Darkness to visible.

The Wall Street Journal just ran a piece that characterizes YA fiction as depraved, coarse filth that will damage teenagers. A group of YA fans has quickly responded on Twitter and elsewhere with the name YASAVES, sharing their stories about how YA fiction has helped them grow, understand themselves and others, and find hope. Did YA save you? Leave a comment here and on the WSJ page.

this is just lame, how the hell, can YaBooks be bad for people? Personally those books that write about dark issues like Rape Suicide and Cutting have spoken to me than anything ever, and are partly the reason i still read and write, if these novels are not written they will not show the teens of today the truth about th dogs in this world

above, this is what i wrote on my face book, but Facebook status' are only limited to 420 characters so i thought i would bring it to my blog so i could see how my followers feel about this.

I have had something Terrible happen to me in my life, i am not going to go in to it, but it is the reason i write, it is the reason i read, it is the reason i sit at home and blog instead of going out and having a social life.

Three of my favorite books are
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher
Cut By Patrica McCormick.

I love these books because i could relate to them so easy, i didnt find these books until i was 22, if i had have found these books when I was younger, say 13-16 when i was going through my hardest times, maybe my out come would be a little bit different, These books show people how you can be who you are, they tell you that you are not alone, but most of all they tell you it is ok to tell somebody, it is ok to hurt, you are not wrong.

I mean I dont blame these parents for wanting to protect their children but lets face it, Cinerella is FICTION just FICTION! Speak and Cut are fiction based on real life events, these thing happen, the glass slipper doesnt, and if it does, the damn, tag me in the picture.

People get rape, abused, molestored, and they never speak up and they live with the pain, it gets worse, they make the wrong decision and turn to drugs and end up killing them selfs or some one else, this isnt right.

We need these books to show people there is a way, there is a light, I dont understand how people can think different.

I am extremely proud to say there are two things in this world that saved me, YA books and Heavy Music,

Below is Laure Halse Anderson Speaking about Speak in a poem Called listen!

What do you think of this article?

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