Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ArmchairBEA: Networking.

Hey guys, that time of day again, where ArmchairBEA gives us a topic to post on "Networking" Here i go.

I am not really a "Networker" when it comes to the offline community, I have a lot of anxiety Issues which limits the amount of things i do, but i am please to say one day the other week when i was strolling through my small towns only book store, i saw that Kirsty Eagar was coming to town (read about it here) and this was the first Author event i actually went to, she was amazing but i also met a Awesome Blogger named Shelleyrae who owns Bookd out, she is responsible for getting Authors to our one horse town and she totally rocks, so i guess thats the only offline networking i have done, i really recommend Twitter and facebook, they are my main sourse of reading and i would not have the amazing blog and followers i have if it wasnt for them,

How do you netword


  1. Being in a small town is great....except when you want to go to author events! How great that you have someone actively working to get authors to come!


  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree twitter is awesome. I've made so many great connections.
    Baby steps to other networking and congrat on your first author event. I wish there were more in my area too.

  3. You met an author and a fellow blogger? That sounds like a really successful day :)
    I've not met any authors or bloggers since I've been blogging but I would love to. I need to try and find out more about what goes on in my area.

    - Kate

  4. How fantastic is that! I love the blog Bookd Out - and that's amazing that she was responsible for getting the author to come to your town. Actually, it's pretty inspiring =)

  5. I follow Book'd Out too and think Shelleyrae is great. How nice you met her. Hopefully there will be other events that you can go to. So nice.

  6. How awesome to get an author come to your town! We are all who we are and some dont network. I think that is fine!

  7. That was definitely a good day! I also live in a small town and author events are rare.


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