Friday, May 11, 2012

Out and About - 1

So i have come up with this little idea where i will share some interesting things i have seen around the web, i'll try to do a few a post once a week, i am hoping it kind of works as a word of mouth thing and get the word out about things that is going on on places that maybe you have looked over this week, feel free to join in, leave a link in the comments if you choose too!

1- Book'd out Before and After   over at Book'd out Shelley-Rae shares her opinion on prologues and epilogues and also asks us to share out opinion in her comments, go over and check what my self and other readers had to say.

2- In My Mailbox & Why I'm not having one Alright so i do realize i am a little bit behind on this issue and i am not going to get in to it, i can get views on my blog with out dipping in to the controversy of un-creative bloggers who bring a bad name to the rest of the bookish people. Over at Nyx Book Reviews she posted about IMM the popular weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, Like Many Nyx is choosing to boycott the Meme. At first i was like why should we suffer? TSS did something wrong but IMM and DAC brings a curtain amount of traffic to our blog, which obviously we would be DEAD with out, I was stating this on Twitter when Nyx told me about this post in her blog that links to some new meme's started in place of IMM, so stop over and check them out.

3- ArmchairBEA  BOOK EXPO AMERICA. . . . is in AMERICA and i am in AUSTRALIA sooo i am not going!!! . . . BUT there has been a creation that was created some time that a participated in last year and it was totally AWESOME its Called Armchair BEA which we can all participate in weather we are going to BEA in NYC or not. I love it last year, it was lots of fun, cant wait til it kicks off sign ups are now open. woot go and sign up.

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