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Guest Post - Carlyle Labuschagne

Every body remembers   Carlyle Labuschagne? She has been here a few times to post a guest post or something, now she is celebrating with TBM and sharing her bday memories!! Read on, What Are some of your favorite Memmories? Blogavursary with The Book Mystress

I was delighted to hear about The Book Mystress ‘s blog anniversary and of course jumped at the opportunity to support this awesome event.

It’s all about birthdays. Well this is my best birthday memory of all time <3

Spent many years and many nights dancing, drinking and having a blast. I decided this time I wanted to do something totally awesome , and out of the ordinary after all life is about experiencing everything you can. I decided on a Rock climbing birthday bash. Needless to say I was the only girl interested out of all the girls , so I found myself among all my hubby's friends , but when it comes down to it , they are my friends too.

Picks here :

The night of my birthday we could of course not go down in silence we had to drink it up and celebrate the big 30! BIG mistake. A night of drinking and laughing we went down at 4am.

6am packed and ready to rock climb!!!! With little sleep, overtired and a huge headache- what lay ahead for us?

So rock climbing I am picturing a huge wall, ropes, and climb. Ha was I mistaken. First of all Robert one of our best friends obviously not attended map reading classes got us lost on the way there. We arrived an hour late. Hot, hung over and nauseous was the least of our problems. We spent the first hour climbing up the damn mountain; almost fainting as we had drank all night and had nothing to eat. Half way up the mountain the 8 of us and our two guides decided it best to take a breather before we all pass out. Robert whips up his phone and stars Facebooking the experience - honestly Robert!

Our first wall was a ten meter stretch UP. I being the lady , did not at the time own a good pair of sneakers only my hip hop flats. LOL I had to climb barefoot the rest of the day for hip hop flats don’t do well when climbing up a steep rock-wall.

Once our basic climb and training on rope techniques had been acquired we took lunch. Oh and was that divine. So being with a group that consisted of only guys -me and Lee the guide (also female) the guys got - well like guys get, funny, and sarcastic and totally vulgar. But man were they funny. We laughed so much the rest of the climb up the mountain I could hardly stand it. Once we reached the big climb (25 meters) doesn’t sound that bad, trust me being at the highest peak of the mountain and then have to climb a steep cliff of 25 meters with nothing but a thin rope tied around your waist... I had regretted my adventurous spirit. I got only to about 15 meters and froze! Now to get back down you have to lean your back totally over the ledge backwards. Aaarg!! Luckily I made it, but James's front tooth didn’t. He too panicked when he looked down the rock-face and snapped his head back and tried to pull a cliffhanger with his front teeth. Bahahahhahaha.

The stroll back down the mountain was just as fabulous filled with more rotten men jokes. I had never had a better time in all my existence. Once down the mountain we all took a dip in our clothes. The adventure does not end there! Got into our cars, exhausted and still buzzed on excitement when an old farmer blocked the road with his big ugly 4x4. He claimed it was his mountain and we had no right to climb it. Well there we were, all of us, the farmer and his nasty wife shouting at each other. As we had booked with a club on their property they had no idea what the hell was going on. So farmer, man- boobs and all claimed he was an awesome climber and we should climb with him. Saved by the police we were! Having to go climb a mountain with a sweaty ugly farmer was not on my to do list any time soon. Police had to remove them from our path and we headed home. Adventure 101 done

Happy Bday Book Mystress

~ Carlyle Labuschagne ~

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