Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mirelle Chester's Destiny Blog hop

Today is The Book Mystress's stop on Mirelle Chester's Destiny Blog hop. We have a Giveaway but to be able to enter this giveaway you must read this exerp And Answer a question to win and ebook copy of Destiny: How many names were mentioned in this exerp and what are they?

Jasper was just starting to fall asleep when he felt Hayden’s shields drop.  He pushed himself to wake up and concentrated on her feelings.  He frowned.Matthew walked by their blankets and stopped.  “What’s wrong?”“She’s dreaming again.”“That’s two in just over a week.”“She hasn’t done that since she first crossed over.”Jasper concentrated on her feelings, trying to get a feel for what she might be dreaming about.  He felt her annoyance and her fear which quickly turned into two emotions; her battle calm in the dream and an anxious fear that she was feeling as she dreamed it.  This was followed by a dual feeling of overwhelming relief.A sob shook her and tears flowed down her face.  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.  She turned and held him tight.“Thank god!” she whispered.“What was it about?”“It was the same dream.”  She looked up at him and smiled.  “You don’t die.”He frowned.  “How?”“Damian.  In this dream he’s there.  He’s with you.  When I push the energy out, he shields you.”Matthew pushed away from the tree he was leaning on.  “Why would it change?”“I don’t know.  Maybe after I made up my mind to go after Braw things changed.  Maybe we get there sooner. I’m not sure.”  She took a deep breath.Matthew smiled and gave Jasper a pat on the back.  “Well, either way it’s nice to know.”Jasper smiled back.  “I can’t disagree.”  He noticed some movement by a bush a little ways away.  Emelly took a step toward them then stopped, as if unsure she was allowed to come closer.  A breeze blew through the trees and he felt Hayden shiver against him.“Care to join us, Emelly?”Matthew’s gaze moved in the direction he had looked.  His friend’s face lit up with his smile.  Emelly gave a small nod and smiled shyly.  She made her way to their blankets.“I just, I heard Hayden cry.  I was making sure someone was with her.”  She turned red enough that her freckles disappeared.Hayden smiled.  “I’m fine, thanks.  Jasper’s never too far away when I start to dream.”  He felt her love for him and warmed all over.  He realized, however, that Hayden wasn’t feeling the warmth.“Are you cold?”  The night was cooling off quickly and the temperature was dropping lower than it had all week.  He actually thought it might snow.“Always,” she laughed.  She leaned back against him and he wrapped them both in a blanket.  “If I had known it was still this cool here, I would have brought my winter coat.”“Don’t you have a jacket, Emelly?” asked Matthew.  He frowned as another gust of wind blew by and she shivered.She shook her head.  “When the human pack attacked us, dad yelled at me to run.  I didn’t grab anything, I just ran.”Matthew pulled his tunic over his head.  “Here.  Put this on.”“But…”“It’s alright.  I have another one.  This one is the thicker of the two.”“But, what about you?”“It’s fine.  Shifters aren’t as affected by the cold as humans are.  Really.  Take it.”

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  1. There was 6 names mentioned and they were Jasper,Hayden,Matthew,Damian,Braw,Emelly.


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