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carlyle Labuschagne stops by for a chat!!

Today i am interviewing the Amazing carlyle Labuschagne who will be part of the 2012 elite to release her first novel, check out this trailer, to learn about how awesome, this series is going to be

Hello Carlyle, how are you today?
Hi Monique IM really great thanks you for asking.

Sunshine in SA?
90% of the time all year round!

Tell us about the upcoming novel, and the writing process?
I’d love to. The first book in The Broken Series is entitled THE BROKEN DESTINY.  The Broken Destiny is very much a mixture of many genre’s, Sci-Fi, paranormal romance, fiction, and fantasy aimed at readers from the age of 14 up. It is set on a planet called Poseidon. Ava is my main character who needs to deal with many conflicts about her kind, overcome some nasty fall backs The Change will inflict on her.  Her Destiny is to reveal her kind for who they are, and not for what they have been made out to be, but that is just the beginning. She carries a secret weapon within in soul, within her bloodline..... My novel will be released Early 2012.
I started writing this novel in 2009, took a year off to finish my diploma in novel writing as I realized I needed some guidance. I rewrote the MS in four weeks last year. As any Author will tell you, this is a very emotional journey, I write my heart out. Inspiration comes from everywhere around me, from my past experiences and of course my imagination. One I need some good music, two I need art and three give me a computer and the words and plot come spilling out.

I read in an interview you did elsewhere that you learnt English to write your novel, what was this experience like?
LOL. Well I am an Afrikaans South African, but I speak and read English fluently. The trouble is I never studied English lit at all. I basically had to overcome, the formal English language, like use of tenses, grammar, phrases act. So the more I read, the more I write and the editing process I am one step closer to my goals as an English writer. Trust me when I say I am such a newbie to this and have a very long way to still go before I consider myself a professional writer. I still struggle with my spelling.

Tell us about your African hunt, how did this idea come about?
Well my African hunt was inspired by my twitter friends, like you. I felt I needed to share My Africa with all of you. So I took to the African Markets to hunt for artists and art to collect in my giveaway thought my campaigned and will also be giving away some pieces to my readers purchasing my novel. I took my kids along, we interviews some artists, learnt about the making of the pieces. It was truly an amazing journey, I knew that our art was something magical but to really go and find out about the process, the materials used, it is magic.
 Here is an example:
You can find out more on My Africa Tour blog, http://www.carlylelabuschagne.com/-my-africa-blog.html

Apart from writing what are your hobbies?
I love to swim. Painting, art, reading. Hiking. Listening to music. I have to be honest a lot of that besides the swimming has taken a back seat to my writing, which has pretty much become a compulsion.

Who are three people you would invite to diner, dead or alive and where would you have dinner?
I would like to have dinner on a ship, or in the mountains overlooking the forest.
Bella from Twilight.
Florence from Florence and the machine
Princess Diana.

If I asked you to right now, could you write a small story about Zebras?
Zomvie was the smallest of his siblings; he was also the most determined little Zebra of his herd. He did not like to bunch up in the herd like the others, he strived to run into the open golden grass lands until he could no longer see where the land met the Earth, and all he could see was a huge body of water, the sun's shimmer reflecting back its radiance like a giant golden orb. The day he met Sahara the cub lion, his life changed forever.......

How do you get your muse?
I am very much a moment’s girl. Things come at any time, mostly when listening to music, also when I swim things just come to me, like phrases and ideas. The muse is strong within me and she keeps on coming really, I am very lucky.

Do you have advice for budding authors?
Yes, keep writing, keep dreaming. Your imagination is your oyster. Never give up on your dream, you want it, you make it happen.

What is your daily schedule like?
My day starts with dropping the kids off at school. I then go to work, I am a Marketing consultant so I’m on the road, me and the road and the music. Picking the kids up, go home, supper for the family, homework, bath time, bed time. I read for a while, sleep for two to three hours. My writing takes place between 00h00 and 05h00.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?
Live your life every day; you make your own destiny, place your troubles with your creator.

Share a picture with us?

Carlyle is an amazing Author that has so much talent and i can not wait for her to kick off her writing career next year, this is one writer i back 100%
I find Carlyle very warm and inviting, if you have want to contact her click one of the options below,
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