Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guest Post: Martin King!

Hey guys another guest post today by Martin King be sure to visit his blog here, Enjoy, i know i did! Thanks for stopping by Martin!

What did you used to wear on your feet in those days? I ask you, would you be seen dead in them today.
I remember in the seventies my sister wearing those plastic shoes called ‘jelly beans’. They came in a vast array of colours, but for some reason, I vaguely remember her having some lilac pink coloured ones.
And then did I mention moon boots, what were they all about?!
But I mustn’t forget us boys. We were really cool back then. I had a pair of Addidas Samba, but I remember throwing them away for my pair of Hi-Tech silver shadows. They were real hot property. But those black plimsolls we had to wear for PE were abysmal. Every sport we had to have a dedicated PE kit and different footwear. What was all that about?
If we weren’t wearing trainers on our feet, I remember having my first pair of brogues made by Pebe in the early eighties. Up until that point, I had a pair of beetle crushers. YUK! The deal was with your brogues was to have the heels segued. Now there were two types of brogues and two type of segues. First of all they were those with the more expensive and posh shoe, some even wore loafers, all leather of course.
They would have their parents take their shoe to the cobblers and have a metal plate inserted into the back corner of the heel – that area you always wear down first. But for those of us who couldn’t afford to have them done, you can buy do it yourself segues. They came with metal spikes in and you smashed them into your heel.
What do you remember wearing on your feet?
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