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Guest Post: Jennifer from Little Shelf

Hey Readers; Today's guest post is from Jennifer over at Little Bookshelf.

Taken from Jennifer's blog
[avtr.jpg]I like to read lots of stuff! Right now my favorites are paranormal, romance, and dystopian (and anything in between). I read young adult and adult books. I even read kids books with my daughter, so sometimes a review of her books will pop up on here too.
I don't do reality- that's for my real life! :) I almost always read fiction. Once in a while I might read something "real", but I prefer reading to be an escape. 

Ten Fictional Characters that Rock the Supporting Role:
When I first started to write about my top ten non-main characters, I thought that it would be an easy topic. Um, wrong! It turns out that there are many supporting characters that are awesome. In fact, I could have constructed the list from the Harry Potter series alone! As hard as it was, I feel like I narrowed it down to the ones that mean the most to me. Here they are, in no particular order:
1. Luna Lovegood – The Harry Potter Series
I just love Luna. She’s quirky and totally not afraid to be her weird little self. I think I shall make my life’s goal to be more like Luna Lovegood.

2. The Weasleys – The Harry Potter Series
I’m going to cheat and say the whole Weasley clan. It makes me teary-eyed thinking about how they love Harry and count him as one of their own.

3. Rue – The Hunger Games
Honestly, how could I NOT include Rue? She was kind and selfless and just … Rue. The Hunger Games would not have been the same without her.

4. Alice – The Twilight Series
I wish Alice could be my best friend! She’s sweet and spunky. The whole Cullen clan rocks my socks off, but Alice holds a special place in my heart.

5. Bella’s Dad, Charlie –The Twilight Series
Oh, Charlie. He’s just so unsure, but loves Bella so much. I think the fact that he’s so accepting of his daughter at the end of the series cements my love for him.

6. Severus Snape – The Harry Potter Series
When I asked my bookish friends on twitter who their favorite supporting characters were, everyone who answered said Severus Snape. I have to agree! He’s amazing, in so many ways.

7. Hagrid – The Harry Potter Series.
I just love the guy! I smile to myself whenever Hagrid comes around when I’m reading. I love his accent and his love for creatures. This list would not be complete for me if I didn’t include him.

8. Cinna – the Hunger Games
He didn’t have a huge role in the books, but he had a huge impact. How can I not include the person who made the whole world embrace Katniss as the Girl on Fire?

9. Neville Longbottom –The Harry Potter Series
I don’t think I need to explain why I love him so much. He’s just such a great person and friend.

10. The Cullens – The Twilight Saga
Yes, I cheated on this one, too. I already included Alice (she’s so great, she deserves her own recognition), but the whole clan is just awesome. This is going to sounds cheesy, but as I was reading I became so attached to them, it was like they were now a part of my family!

Yes, I realize that I only chose characters from Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger Games. At first, it bothered me that I could only seem to think of these three books, but then I thought that maybe that’s why I love these three series so much! There are tons of books out there that have main characters that I love, but these books gave me supporting characters that I grew attached to just as much as the main ones.
So there you go! Those are my top non-main characters. I’d love to hear some of yours!


  1. Yay! Thanks so much for having me! This was really fun. :)

  2. Fun! Luna is right up there as one of my top supporting characters. Just adored her. Also loved Rue. The supporting characters that die always seem to have the biggest impact on me. Especially when they die in a completely innocent or selfless way. Rue was that for me- the death of innocence. Loved this post. :)


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