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City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare; Reviewed by JesykaJames@TheBookMystress

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Genre: Young Adult
Grade: MG (Mid Grade)
Pages: 453
Source: QBD Tuggerah

Found: Well, after buying the first book in the series, I had to continue on. If for no other reason than I love the developing relationship between Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane :)

Release Date: March 17th 2008

Synopsis: What would you do if you were in love with your brother or sister? How confusing, how scary would that be for you? Welcome to the world of Jace and Clary. Of course, when they fell for each other they had no idea they were related. As I’m sure you can imagine, City of Ashes finds things between Jace and Clary a little on the tense side.

My Review: Shock horror, I got the next book in the series. I thought it was pretty good, but sometimes it got tedious hearing the same thing several times. And the fact that NOBODY in this series (with the possible exception of Simon) can admit to their feelings!!! It's gets annoying, knowing that Jace is in love with Clary, and Clary with Jace, but since they're brother and sister, they can't do a thing about it...

Also, the constant innuendo that they're not related is really annoying. It annoys me that we (the readers) know they're not related, but the pages just won't tell us that. I mean, we all know, from the things that Valentine, The Fair Folk Queen, The Inquisitor (and probably a bunch of others too) have said, that Jace isn't really Valentine and Josalyn's son, nor is he Clary's brother. Valentine made him possibly, but my guess is he made him from the blood of the Angel Raziel or something. My assumption is in the next book we'll discover this... hopefully. It'll really annoy me if we don't. I am quite interested to find out though.

Also, the Simon thing. I think that was why Valentine was so pissed at Jace, it was his blood that changed Simon, because Jace has the Angels blood, or at least that is my assumption. Let me know if you feel differently...

I did like the book, I thought it was good, fairly well written, a little annoying at parts because of the fact that as a reader, I don't like to know things that the character is to dense to pick up on. We either, shouldn't have been given so many hints or the author should have just told us. It got a little annoying. I understand the need for suspence, but... I got annoyed. Let me know if you did too.

Side note: I know that Alec is in love with Jace, but I am in love with Magnus and I want them to be together (I know they kind of are, but... I want them to actually be like in love.) I feel bad for Magnus because he loves Alec, but Alec loves Jace, who loves Clary, who is his 'sister' who loves him, but dates Simon, who loves Clary, but knows she doesn't love him, and then Maia likes Simon, but they have that whole 'Vamp vs Were' thing going on and Izzy... well she just really loves herself so... yeah.

I give it 3 Tiny Bays out of 5

Let me know if you liked this book. Also, let me know your thoughts on who, or what Jace is.

Thank you again to TheBookMystress for hosting me. I hope you all enjoy the review :)



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  2. I just realized that the comment I posted before was giving you spoilers! Crap, I'm terrible about that :P I deleted it, though, so hopefully it didn't traumatize you for life! Sorry! :P

    The spoiler-free gist of what I said was, "I was definitely annoyed by the fact that you KNEW who Jace was, you knew he wasn't Clary's brother, but they were too thickheaded and angsty to see it. Come on, sweetheart, wake up and smell the cookies!"


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