Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (3)

This week's topic: 
Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

  1. Laurie Halse Anderson: She's Awesome, Enough Said
  2. Lisa Schroder: I really love reading her stuff and dont hear about her that much.
  3. Anne Rice: I know, she's awesome, but if more teens read books like Interview with a Vampire and Vampire Lastat, they would understand what a real Vampish novel is. (no offence intended)
  4. Jessica Shirvington:

    She's Australian, I'm Australian, gotta rep that one.

  5. Jenna Black: Shes an awesome writer

  6. Susie Day: I loved 'My invvisible boyfriend but dont hear many people talking about it
  7. Chloe Niell: Havent heard much about her, i liked firespell, 
  8. Mike Foley: Have you heard of him? WWE Hall of famer? Well he is an amazing Author, not only does he have his own biographies, he has some pretty awesome fiction books, (and i love the WWE) Shhh

Alright i tap at 7, i hate not finishing things. I read alot of main stream books. I maybe able to do a more intense list of this in a while after i have been blogging a little longer,

What are your Under-Rated Authors?

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  1. I agree with you about Anderson. I love her books! I have been meaning to read Chloe Neill and have Firespell sitting on my bookshelf. I need to read that one! Great list and thanks for visiting mine!


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