Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (2)

Top ten Tuesday, Weekly MeMe hosted by the awesome The Broke and The Bookish

Top Ten Pet Peeves:
Top Ten Bookish Pet Peeves (all those things that annoy you in a story, with book covers, bookstores, etc.).

1. Plastic over the covers of library books, i get why its needed i just hate it.
2. Stamps through borrowed books, again, i get it i just dont like it.
3. People at my local bookstores are usually rude and look at me like i am an alien, while there is no proof that i am not, i think i almost single handedly keep these people in business.
4. People that look at me weird when i say "I read anything, mostly paranormal or young adult." Hello, its not just for young adults and just because i like to read about vampires does not mean i am going to kill you or your children, or like i am about to start sparkling or something i mean come on, i am a dark person, you are not, its not that bad. (sorry for the rant)
5. Why are todays book covers so damn pretty?
6. People who continously make fun of the type of stuff you read, then read it and love it.
7. Slow online orders, i order them online so i dont have to wait for it.
8. Hardcovers annoy me
9. lots of reviews in or on the cover, i mean kool alot of people like your book, but i would like to make my own opinion of it, i dont really care if Stephanie Meyer, or Stephen King thing its marvilous, i will make my own opinion and millions of review lines jumping out at me scares me off.
My biggerst pet peeve when it comes to bookish things, is 
10. People who can read 3books in two days, then rub it in, hey guess what if i take  5 days to a week or longer to read a book, this means i enjoy the story, or am not in competition with you!!

So this kind of turned out more like a rant then anything else, thanks for listening, xx


  1. Ha, I actually prefer the plastic on book covers to the regular covers!

  2. Yes, the hard covers! They're just too big and bulky. I much prefer the trade paperback size and feel.


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