Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mystery of the Mystress;

So, it's kind of been nine months since i last posted on here, I kind of let the ol' blog go for a moment there, I guess for lack of a better excuse, I needed a break away from some things.
This blog, The Book Mystress is one of my greatest passions, I saw it grow from nothing in to a renowned trusted blog with honest reviews and other events.
During the last nine months a lot has gone on from university, to illness and a bunch of other things it was hard to keep up with my own life.
Keep calm though, I am back and I am ready to rumble. I have decided not just to focus on one genre, I've just decided to focus on all genre's and age groups that i might be interested in for fun i may also through some cross media reviews in too to keep the blog active.

Hope you guys are still with me, and if you are, Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by!

The Book Mysress, xx

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