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The Mills & Boon + New Idea 2013 Australian Romance Report

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2013 Australian Romance Report    
Aussie Women Ramp Things Up in the Bedroom  - 
        but Romance is the Big Winner  

Embargoed 12 Feb, 2013: Mills & Boon, the world’s leading publisher of romance, teamed up with New Idea to look into the state of romance and what’s happening in the bedroom for Australian women. The findings of the Mills & Boon and New Idea 2013 Australian Romance Report* show that whilst a quarter of Australian women are having more sex, want to read more erotic fiction and are being more adventurous in bed - good old fashioned romance and intimacy still prevail with a passionate kiss still being the real winner for the majority of women.

New research from Mills & Boon and New Idea of over 1900 Australian women aged 18 years and over found that 25% are having more sex than they did a year ago, and since the phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey and the influx of erotic fiction, women have definitely been ramping it up in the bedroom

Whether in a relationship or not, women are being more daring and experimental with 20% recently having made a purchase to spice things up, proving Australian women have become more adventurous between the sheets.

If asked to try something new in the bedroom, Australian women are open to suggestions with 66% happy to consider it depending on how adventurous and a confident 8% of women happy to embrace any suggestion with enthusiasm. But that’s not to say Australian women won’t take charge, with 32% in the last 12 months happier to be more open and vocal in expressing what they enjoy in bed.

In spite of Australian women finding new moves in the bedroom, a staggering 56% get more excited about a kiss and a cuddle, compared to 1% of women who favor a hard spanking and almost 50% of women fantasize about a passionate kiss, more than being tied up to a bed (19%), or joining the mile high club (6%).

As for the influence of erotic fiction, 26% of women believe it has opened doors in their love life, but that doesn't translate to actual S&M activity with only 6% having dabbled in it the past 12 months.  “What this does suggest is that erotic fiction has refreshed women’s approach to sex and their appetite for reading about it, with 65% saying that once they get a taste they want more.” says Haylee Nash, Publishing Manager  of Harlequin Enterprises (Australia).

“As a publisher, we have certainly seen the rise of erotic fiction in Australia across a number of our authors, such as Megan Hart and Tiffany Reisz, but what is key in these books is the romance element, no matter how sexy the read. Readers are certainly looking for spicier stories, but the sexual component is just a part of the characters’ romantic journey.” adds Nash

Whether in their fantasies or real life, Australian women still prefer intimacy (67%) and chemistry (66%) when it comes to sex and romance.  
 As for the top romantic gestures, 48% of Australian women rated remembering the small details as the most important, which speaks to women’s desire for intimacy. In second place at 41% were women who want their man to be protective. For single women, holding hands in public or getting along with their best friend is important, whereas married or de facto women are more likely to appreciate their partner planning a date or giving them a break from the kids.

 Mills & Boon and New Idea 2013 Romance Report also offers insight into some deal-breakers when it comes to romance and the Australian man and these include:

  • Being needy (55%); 
  •  Being constantly glued to his smartphone/iPhone (54%):  
  • Being married to his work (45%); 
  • and  Living with his parents (35%).   

“Our research findings offer a unique glimpse into the state of the nation’s romantic and sex life,” comments New Idea Editor-in-Chief Kim Wilson.   “While bedroom confidence and experimentation are definitely on the up, the fact that a passionate kiss still ranks as the number one ‘fantasy’ speaks volumes about what really wins the hearts of Australian women today.”

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