Friday, May 11, 2012

Author Event At My Local Library Kirsty Eagar.

Hey guys as many of you dont know i live in a small country town so Author Events are few and fare between out this way. but the lovely Kirsty Eagar Author Of YA Novels,

        Raw Blue,                    Saltwater Vampires,  and her recent Release Night beach.
Raw Blue             Saltwater Vampires               Night Beach

The penguin Author stopped by on for an hour to talk about the process of how her books came about, and interacted with the small crowd of people from all age groups about what we prefer on subjects from covers to book trailers. 

Also was at this event I ment another blogger from my town, who knew? in the town just over 15000 people there is another totally awesome blogger, Amazing!! Check out Shellyrae's Blog Book'd Out It's totally awesome!!

Kirsty was kind enough to sign my books Saltwater Vampires, and Night Beach, Take note of the stamps i have Zoomed in on, this are what Kirsty told us she does when she doesnt want to write :P

Kirsty also read as an few pages from Night Beach, (i have only just started this novel) and I already recommend it to you.
Here is the Video trailer that Kirsty also made her self,

Kirsty was such a wonderful lady and it was so nice of her to come all the way out here for a hour,

Thank you Shelly-Rae, Taree Library and Manning Valley books for making these events possible.

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  1. So glad you could make it - are you planning to go to Susanne Gervay's visit? I haven't read anything by her but will go along anyway

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


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