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 Today i have a Blogstop, my content today is a Review of Mireille Chester's Chaels Luck, What do you think? Do you want to read this book? Let me know in the comments!

Chael's Luck (A Knights of Dorathan Novel)

by Mireille Chester
April 1st 2012

Goodreads synopsis:
Everyone jumped to their feet and stood at attention. The General stood before us, red with anger while the entire arena held their breath, waiting to see what was going to happen.
“Harry, Chael, you’re free to go see the healwife to have your arms looked after and Caleb…”
Everyone looked at me, shocked by my refusal. Even the General stood speechless.
“Sir, when we spoke yesterday, you promised me the match I wanted.”
He nodded.
“I want it now.”
“Chael, son, you’re hurt…”
“With all due respect, sir, my arm’s not broken.” I moved it to show I wasn’t lying and tried not to wince as the pins and needles moved along the length of it.
The general threw his hands up in desperation. “Chael’s luck,” he mumbled before throwing an apologetic look my way. “Alright, Chael. Nothing else is going as it should and quite frankly I’m at a bit of a loss. Caleb, you fight Chael for the Shadow Knight challenge.”

When you’re named for the god of bad luck, you’re at least a head shorter than everyone else around you, and your horse is the only black one in a world where every horse is a grey, people are bound to talk. Chael has spent the past eighteen years of his life proving to those around him that he’s worthy of his family name; that he’s meant to be a Shadow Knight. Just when things are finally going his way, Chael’s luck strikes again. Now, Chael is in a race against time to find the one who has taken everything from him and who plans on destroying the one thing he’s worked so hard for, the knighthood. As if this weren’t enough, he’ll have to reveal the one thing he’s managed to keep secret for the past eighteen years. With help from some unexpected sources, Chael sets off on a journey that will test his will, his character, and his heart.

My Review:

Chael's Luck (A Knights of Dorathan Novel)
Holy Moley, i was not expecting that. Mireille has written such a
capivating novel that i recomend to people who are fans of this
Usually i am not a fan of this type of fiction but this is a alright book!

Chael's story was one of struggle and triumph with some twists and turns i wasnt 

Have you ever thought about where your name comes from?
Why you were named that?
After reading this novel, i am so glad i was named after a horse because it had a nice
name and not because i was the 'god of bad luck' that's what Chael's name means,
yeah i bet you feel a little bit better about being named Jack, or James right now. 

If you havent read anything by Mireille this is a great place to start. Be prepared
to be captivated. 

Every time i pick up a novel of this genre, i am always shocked with how much i like

thank you Mireille for a good read


  1. I want to read this book!! I love all of Mireille Chester's books! I think she's a fantabulous writer. :0)

  2. I love books from this time period. I haven't read any of her books but I will pick this one up


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