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Author Spotlight : Prudence MacLeod

Hey guys Day Four of my Super Awesome Blogoversry week, today i am starting off with an author spotlight and a guest post by Prudence Macleod, Prudence was the first person to help me out when i sent out invites to appear on my blog for this massive week Thank You Prudence for your support and for sending me such a meaningful guest post!!

Who is Prudence Macloed?
Prudence MacLoed is a Author, Spiritual Seeker, Dog Trainer, (official) Reiki Master and Interior Designer who roamed wide and far for over 60 years,
Prudence has many tales to tell of things she has seen. Prudence once said she feels like Bilbo Baggins for have been there and back again.
Prudence has not written any book about her wanderings but what she has experienced, learnt, summerised,  observed, or imagined is woven in to the tales she has written.
Prudence is from Canada and is an avid chest player,
some of her favorable movies are:
Lord of The Rings, Serenity, Pride and Prejudice & The Kings Speech.
For the long list of books by Prudence Click hereFor Prudence's Blog Click HereTo Purchase her novels Click here

Prudence MacLoed's Guest Post:
Prudence MacLeod



I’ve been asked to expand on my statement that I am a self-styled spiritual seeker. I have never actually done this before, and if you read this you will surely end up thinking I’m either crazy or I was smoking some great stuff at the time. Well, I’ll admit to *maybe* on the former and not a chance on the latter. The following is a condensed version of my journey to peace and a purpose in life. 

I was physically abused as a child. The bible was hurled at me regularly and the idea of obedience to all and sundry was hammered home all too often. None the less, I have always believed there was more to our existence than meets the eye. As a young adult I began the search for that guiding something else, that connection to the Universal Life Force Energy. 

I attended dozens of different Christian churches, even joined a few, but couldn’t wrap my head around a vengeful god who was supposed to be all loving. I also didn’t buy the old “God’s plan is unknown to us; we just have to accept that…” Nope, I don’t buy it. I prayed and worshipped until my knees were raw and my heart ached. Nothing. 

Fine, time to try another possibility. I tried Islam, but the old “It is the will of Allah” left me just as empty and disappointed. The path of the Budda was fun, I learned how to relax and accept and I learned compassion, but it still didn’t feel like a good fit. There were more, many more, all with the same result more or less. The closest I came was Wicca. The Earth based religion truly appealed to me, and I could incorporate the compassion thing with no problem. It is still one of my favorites. 

The year I turned forty I bought a mountain bike and started solitary rides in the woods once each week. One day I knelt to pray among the trees and had the crap scared out of me. “If there truly is a god in the universe who is willing to accept me, I beg you, please show me a sign.” Be careful what you wish for. 

I will never forget the sound of that voice in my head. “Get off your knees like a beggar.” I leaped to my feet and spun around, but I was alone. With my back to a tree and sweat pouring down my brow I closed my eyes and centered myself. 

“Who are you?” 

“I have many names; you will know me as Odin.” 

Oh crap. I know my mythology, and if you’re looking for a free ride, this is not the guide you are looking for. Ok, I’d asked and here He was. He was also known as the god of wisdom. Maybe I would learn something here. 

“Will you accept me?” 

“I will. I am well pleased with you, my child.” 

“Will you help me?” 

“Only if you help yourself.” With that bit of input, He was gone and I could not re-connect. 

I leaned back against the tree trying to make sense of the experience. Did I need medication? He hadn’t told me to go on a killing spree in His name, so maybe not. Was I having a flashback from the sixties? Possible. I was still mulling it over when I became aware of another presence. I tried to center myself and heard another voice, a rich feminine voice. 

“The All Father can seem hard, but He will never abandon you.” 

“Who are you?” 

“You know me as Freya.” 

“Will you accept me?” 

“You have always been mine; I have always been near.” 

“How can I serve you?” 

“I wish to join myself to you, to ride along and share your life with you.” 

I just nodded my head then felt a rush of energy through me. She was gone, and yet still there. She is always there; all I have to do is concentrate and I can feel her. 

It took me a while to figure out what these two wanted from me. Once I was clear on the task, I joyfully embraced it. It is my task in life to help others believe in themselves, in their own power to affect their lives in a positive way, in their own path to joy. My gods are ever with me on this quest, and I feel complete.

Here is the Synopsis for Prudence Macloed's Novel, Gifted.
Gifted Imagine what might happen if the least powerful of us all was suddenly imbued with powers beyond imagining? They say that with great power comes great responsibility. How many of us could really live up to that responsibility, or would we all fall to the temptation of using that power for our own gain? Would we crumble under the weight of the responsibility, or would we rise to the challenge? Who can say for sure what they will do in any given circumstance, unless they have been thrown into that circumstance? 

Perhaps Penny Preston might answer that for you, if by chance you might cross her path one day. According to the records Penny disappeared many years ago, although, from time to time someone will admit to having seen her. Maybe former FBI agent Tara Montrose might help you find her, that is, if you can locate Tara. She seems to have…

Prudence was so lovely to deal with, do you guys have any self finding experiances you would like to share? Comment beloew!!

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