Thursday, February 2, 2012

While nothing beats curling up with a good book and entering a new world, we sure do love a great movie! Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller; whatever the genre may be, escaping for two hours into a world of Hollywood created bliss is always great fun… Hosted by ME, Kylie @ The Talking Teacup &Alex @ A Girl, Books & Other Things

Year: 17
Month: 17

  1. Dear John
  2. Vampires Suck
  3. GI Joe 1 (the one with Channing)
  4. She's the Man
  5. Fighting
  6. Girl, Interrupted 
  7. Thirteen
  8. Killers
  9. The Covenant 
  10. Home and away
  11. The Biggest Loser
  12. Craig Ferguson
  13. It's a Boy/girl thing
  14. One Tree Hill Season 6
  15. Step up
  16. Beastly
  17. Uptown girls

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