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Review: Lor Mandela Destruction From Twins - L.Carrol.

Lor Mandela - Destruction from Twins
Lor Mandela Destruction from Twins - L.Carrol

source: Ebook/Author
Paperback, 368 pages
Published February 17th 2010
 by Realtime Publishing
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2011 Re-release Edition! Same great book. New Publisher!!! Lor Mandela - Destruction from Twins is the story of a mystical dying world, the little girl preordained to save it, and the (previously) bored teenager from Iowa who somehow gets tangled up in it all. Book #1 in the Lor Mandela Series 

Lor Mandela is a captivating world that I enjoyed escaping into.
Everything this world has to offer is something I loved being a part of.
L.Carrol’s has a writing style that portrayed the world she wanted us to be a part of so clearly, it took me in and refused to let me out.
Some of the novel could have been brought forward a little but there was enough other things going on for me not to think about that until I was writing this review.
I don’t have many bad things to say about this novel, the universe that was created full of all makings the story builds for a while then you are thrown in to a rollercoaster ride,The Good, the bad and the nasty Lor Mandela has It all, Majic, love, destruction, and adventure, I found myself holding my breath at times. You should hurry to pick up this novel.

Isnt that cover to die for?
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  1. Thank you! What a great review!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!!!


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