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Interview with Yvann from Reading Fueled by Tea

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1. What is the best thing about London?
It’s so London-y. I cycle past St Paul’s Cathedral every morning and it never fails to take my breath
away. I ended up cycling past Buckingham Palace and around Trafalgar Square last night simply
because they were on my route. Cab drivers call me “luv” and tourists stop me for directions. I can go
out to the theatre whenever I want and know that short of Broadway, this is the best selection of
theatre in the world. The whole city stopped for the Royal Wedding last month and cynic though I
was until the last minute, there is something astounding about 2 million people celebrating with
simply joy the happy wedding day of two complete strangers. In Hamburg everyone is formal but
warm once you get past the efficiency. In Sydney everyone’s laid back. In Oxford, everyone’s a
genius. I love all of these cities but London is unique.
2. How do you choose what book to review next?
Sometimes, it’s the first one off the shelf. Sometimes my cousin who lives in the spare room (called
The Resident Cousin on my blog) gets to my books first and insists I read them right now.
3. Explain your blog layout why did you choose that layout?
I had a very colourful, widget-crammed layout over at Typepad, but I thought it looked a bit childish
and I am trying to make my blog more professional. So I migrated to Wordpress and tried to make it
look cleaner. One column on the sidebar bugged me though so I settled for two.
4. Sunday Salon or IMM?
Sunday Salon. I like In My Mailbox, but my influxes of books are too irregular for a weekly feature. I
like that Sunday Salon is chatty and people talk about their week in general. Now if IMM was about
the crazy things that turn up in my email mailbox…
5. Describe or put a photo of your book shelves/cases?
One standard IKEA issue Billy bookcase, in beech colour. Completely packed full, double-stacked,
books on top, books slid in between the top of the books on a shelf and the shelf above, a little pile
to the side of the bookcase… plus a few on my desk and one by the bed and a little pile at the door
waiting to go out. Until I have the dream house and library, The Physicist (my lovely husband) has
told me I may have one bookcase and one only. This might seem harsh until you realise there are
over 300 books in that one book case and I’ve read about 3% of them because I tend to get rid of
books again after I’ve read them. When he points out that I acquire books at 5 times the rate at
which I read (and I’ve read almost 40 books this year), I think he has a point.
6. Have You Ever Been To Australia?
Many, many times! Just got back from there last week.
7. Favorite thing about Book Blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted to record my thoughts about what I read. That was a year when
I read maybe 10 novels. I have read nearly 40 already this year and my love of reading has come
flooding back. The slight pressure to have something to post is enough to make me think of reading
as something I have to do, rather than a waste of time. Any excuse 
8. Least Favorite thing about Book Blogging?
I always feel like I’m missing out. My Google Reader fluctuates between 0-1000, depending on
whether I had a clear-out that week, and I know that there are so many great blogs out there that I’ll
never get to! It makes me a bit sad.

Asia or Africa? – I love Asian food so will have to say Asia.
Ketchup or mustard? – Ketchup. Mustard is vile.
Cats or dogs? – Cats – I have two geriatric kitties at my parents’ house.
Outside or inside? – Outside in the sun, inside in a storm
Shower or bath? – Shower. Bath is just sitting in a warm puddle.
Pants or shorts? – Pants. Shorts for playing sport, but I have cyclist’s thighs and shorts are
not always flattering!
High heels or flats? – High heels. I love being tall.
Long hair or shaved? – Long hair, my nickname at school was frequently Rapunzel.
Break or tear apart? – I don’t know – in what context? I’m going with break. It sounds
more decisive.
Gas or electricity? – Gas to cook with – so much easier to adjust the heat. Electricity for
everything else – it’s greener.
Hot dog or hamburger? – Neither. Steak sandwich with cheese, bacon, onions and
mushrooms. No salad; salad’s for rabbits.
Lettuce or spinach? – Spinach. See above.
Aluminum or plastic? – Plastic usually. Unless we’re talking about aeroplanes.
Sex in the City or Melrose Place? – Never watched either. SITC film was awful. I prefer
West Wing, The Mentalist, How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory.
Brad Pitt or George Clooney? – Pitt has the facial structure of a monkey and I find it
deeply unnerving. Can I pick James McAvoy instead please (including gorgeous Scottish
Police Academy or Robocop? Never watched either. I’m an aspiring (and failing) nerd
though so I’ll go with Robocop.

This lady is a classic, how cool are some of those answers? hell yeah!!

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