Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interview with Meaghan from a Little Bookish

ABEA continues today is day three find out all the info here

Today is interview day todays first interview is of Meaghan from Feeling A Little Bookish, enjoy!

I'm really excited to be participating in this blogger interview!  Thanks for having me! 
1. What is the best thing about Canada?
I love Canada.  I don't know what it is exactly but it is amazing.  We have so beautiful parks and campsites.  We also have free (well paid for through taxes) healthcare which is has its ups and downs but mostly I am thankful for this.  I love Canada's education system and how there seems to be less of a gap between the rich and the poor compared to other countries (this is not to say that there isn't a gap but it seems less than other countries).  Anyhow, I can't really sum up what I love about Canada other than that it is beautiful.  If you haven't visited I suggest you do.  
2. describe your book selves or send a picture?
Here are some pictures of my bookcase.  It is set up right now to divide two rooms and I have completely filled both the front and the back of my bookcase.  It is huge and it took a long time to put together.  I have always said the best test of a relationship is to put together IKEA furniture and my fiancee and I survived that challenge twice with this shelf.  I have my shelf divided into different sections.  I have all my hard covers together, all my trade paperback books and then all my mass market paperbacks together.  I also have a huge middle grade shelf and a shelf for all my teaching materials.  
3. how close are you to your goal of 100 for the year?
Right now I am book number 53.   I haven't been able to make my target for the last two years but I think I will this year.  My reading may slow down in the summer because I am getting married in August.  I'm hoping it won't though because I have the summer off work.  
4. how do you prounounce Ottawa?
Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is pronounced as follows: Ott-uh-wa.  Pretty much the same way it is spelled. 
5. Ever Been to Australia?
I have never been to Australia but I have always wanted to.  It's just not in the budget right now.  I'm hoping to save up and go one year over the summer.  
6. Best book ever?
Best book ever? This is a tough one.  I have so many favourites.  I can't just pick one so I'll give you a couple of my faves.  Here they are: 
1. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood- This is the ultimate dystopian novel.  
2. This much I know is True by Wally Lamb- It is an amazing story about two brothers. 
3. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling- not much explanation needed.  
Well, I guess I gave you my top 3.  
7. any pets?
Well, I live with my in-laws right now and they have a dog who I always call my pet.  His name is Webber and he is the sweetest thing you've ever seen.  He's a weimaraner and he thinks he is a lap dog sometimes.  He is also my reading buddy; he follows me outside everytime I read on the deck and he lays there with me until I go in. 
8. Why do you blog?
I really like the network of other book lovers you meet.  I can't get enough of finding the latest book and this gives me the opportunity to write about something I have passion for.  
This or That
Eat in our out? I prefer to eat in but I must admit I get lazy sometimes and then eating out it is.  
Car or subway? In Ottawa, I say a car but in Toronto I say the subway. 
Oprah or Jerry? If I had to chose I guess Oprah although I'm not a huge fan of either. 
White or black? what about gray?  
In the country or abroad? Hmm... I love travelling but I also like being home.  So I say a balance of the two. 
Madonna or Paris Hilton? Neither... if I had to pick I guess I'd say Madonna because at least she has contributed something of substance to our culture. 
Ocean or mountains? Definitley oceans.  I love swimming and had a blast snorkeling in Barbados in February. 
Forrest or beach? Hmm.. I love camping but I also love laying out on a beach and reading.  I have to pick both. 
Ice cream or sorbet? Definitely ice cream but I do love a good gelato. 

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