Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Cut - Patricia McCormick

Cut - Patricia McCormick

Fifteen-year old Callie is so withdrawn that she's not speaking to anyone including her therapist at the residential treatment facility where her parents and doctor send her after discovering that she cuts herself. Her story unfolds primarily through dramatic monologues, gradually revealing the family turmoil that led to her self-destructive behavior. Her little brother, Sam, is ill he nearly died in her care. Since Sam's illness, Callie's mother has become so worried and fragile that she rarely leaves the house. Her father has responded to the psychological and financial stress of Sam's illness by disappearing into his work, and when that doesn't work, into his drinking.

Callie's efforts to understand herself and her family illuminate her process of recovery honestly and with hope. Cut provides an insightful look at the psychology of cutting a form of self-abuse an estimated 2 million teenage girls inflict on themselves


When you open the book you will find a number of paged filled with reviews raving about the book, i am happy so many people have read it but i kind of felt that with all those reviews i was kind if scared to not like it.
I wouldnt say i loved this book, but i did like it. It kind of had a "Girl, Interrupted" feel to it. (which is an awesome movie by the way) But the difference between that movie and this book is you know she ends up ok, in this book you just assume she'll be fine.
I like how Callie spoke to the Doctor as if it was us the ready, i thought that was a very smart move an very different.
It really got me thinking about how i would act if i was sitting there being the person that had to help this girl get better.
I like novels like these, they get me thinking, the kind of tell people they are not alone, Stories like Cut are ones that hit hard and make you take something away from them weather you want to or not.
if you know a perosn who is going through a hard time, please get them to read this.
there was also a slight humor to how Callie and some of the girls spoke and refered to things.

Read: if you like to see how other peoples minds work, and like to see the types of struggles people go though daily.

Dont read: if you like a long read, and if you are judgmental

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