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My top 5 Favorite Books

I hope this blog finds all my readers well.
I never used to think that reading was that important. Friends of the past could quote me saying "i write the books i dont read them.' oh how stupid i was.
i started "reading" about two years ago and you wouldnt believe how my writing has changed, its strange how we pick things up and we dont even realize. so with out further adu here are my top five books that i got the most out of.

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5. The Truth About Diamonds - Nicole Richie,

i know what your all thinking, Nico Richie blah blah, but i really enjoyed this book it was so much better then i exprected it to be while it is a little (although denied) autobiograpical Nicole has alot more writing talent then any one realises, i have not read her second novel yet but it is coming up very soon in my pile. This was the first book that left me feeling different about my self and the world.

4 I Heart you, You Haunt me - Lisa Schroeder

I have never come across a book like this, wow! it is written like a journal, and is so sad, it had a really great impact on me, i liked it so muc i emailed Lisa Schroeder and informed her of how wonderful her book was, every body should read this book atleast once, any one who has experianced a great loss would love this one.


3. Evermore -  Alyson Noel.

i dont know what i like more, this novel or the author, friends of mine said that this novel is plotless and boring but i found it really easy to slip away and get lost in this book, Evermore is the first in a series of six with a spin off from Ever's Ghostly little sister Riley, book one in this series so far is the best, i cant talk about it to much because i dont want to give any thing away, if you want my review of this book  click here to  see it on the book bundle. As for Alyson, she is a lovely lady, i frequented her forum for a while and she was more then willing to answer questions that her readers had, she would answer questions no matter how stupid, a very lovely lady.

2 Frostbite - Richelle Mead.

Book two out of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is awesome. it has a good flow and kept me interested the whole way thru, Richelle's foreshadowing is amazing, it keeps me guessing. the best part about this book is the one of the last chapters, where something big happens (i'm not going to spoil it for you, I will review it and post a link) and the emotion that Richelle wrote the scene with was amazing, i recomend the whole book but if you dont have time just read the last quater, lol!

1 Speak - Laure Halse Anderson

This is an amazing book, it was so easy to get lost in and fall in to Melinda's shoes, it's a sad book and scary how real it could be. it has a nice message for young girls, Speak up, or go insane. This book should be on the must read before you die list, it is simply amazing. Their is a movie that acomanies the book, the movie is great it has twilight's Kristen Stewart in it before she was "Twlight's Kristen Stewart." she does and amazing job i would rather see her in more indie films rather play the boring emotionless Bella Swan, But my twilight rant is for anther blog, The movie misses some things so read the book then watch the movie, both are a must.

So many great books not enough time, these are my top 5 right now, i am reading a novel called 13 reasons why - Jay Asher, which i am absolutly loving. i hope you enjoy or agree that these are intersing books, and remember, you are what you read


Do you agree? Comment telling me what you think of my choices and what your favorite novels are, :)

xx Monique

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  1. OOO Loved Evermore and Speak is amazing! Hope you like 13 Reasons Why because I adored it :D


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