Friday, March 18, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (2) Headlines.

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what happens when the line between fiction and reality becomes all-too slim?

I hate this topic.
really i do.
I have written deleted this post like five times, if i dont get it this time i am done.

Headlines are killing me.
I'm 23 and in my live i have heard these berlin wall falling, kurt cobain, Dimebag and Jimmy the rev sullivan" Dying, septemeber 11, 2 bali bombings, london bombings, countless other terrorist attacks, Victorian bushfires, Queensland floods, Indonesian Tsunami, Countless hurricanes were to many people have died, drought, Afganistan War, Iraq war, Colimbine, Virginia Tech, Port Author, Haiti earthquake, Christ Church earth Quake, and now the japan disaster.
That is just to name a few.
and thats not even mentioning serial killers and heartless crimes.

With out trying to make myself sound like the most awesome person in the world, but i am very caring.
I watch the news and hear of stuff like this, and i just cry or become frozen.
I feel sorry for the millions of people that died.

Back to the question.

what happens when the line between fiction and reality becomes all-too slim?

I guess the ability to pretend is what keeps most people going, The ability to say "It's ok, i'll be ok" if we are in the middle of one of these tragedies gets us through. the ability to say "It just doesnt seam real" to us on lookers gives us hope that it might not be.

These days i dont watch TV and i try not to read news on the internet, i did find out until three days after the Earthquake in new zeland had happened.
the fine line between fiction and fact gets thiner every day.
in the end after all them mumbo jumbo words the only way i can answer this question is with another question.
Alot of fiction shares tales from reality. Based on love, hardship, hate, romours, so does reading fiction, writing and watching fiction actually help us cope and find ways to help us deal with horrible events like these with out us even realising?


  1. I guess many people probably read fantasy, to avoid these kinds of issues.

    But sometimes the fantasies resemble real-life events, too, so there's no escape.

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  3. Not an easy question to answer but you did well. I liked your interesting response to it...

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  4. I think writing and reading fiction is actually a way to deal with reality, it helps us to kind of sort things out in our mind and find the "worth while" stuff...

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. YOu can find mine here

  6. great response to this question,stop and see mine.

  7. I find that fiction is a way to relate to horrible events without having to take in the suffering of everyone who is involved. For me it is a buffer.


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